" Your business just isn't a business. It's your calling to make a difference."

You are a doer with a vision. You launched your business to make a difference + gain freedom.

You want more exposure, more momentum, more awesome clients and sales, and yes, more money.

Your only problem? It isn't happening.

Marketing and positioning your genius isn't  your sweet spot

You were pretty confident at one point, lately you've started second guessing yourself (I've been here before)

Your message and your marketing isn’t connecting, and you aren’t attracting  enough clients or the right people but you can’t see where it’s broken


The secret to being the one they choose? Requires:

An unmistakably clear message and marketing strategy to captivate your audience

Sure you have the knowledge and skills.

But you aren't giving them a BIG enough reason to say YES. 

Which means your core ideal client isn't clear

Maybe your message and your marketing simply isn’t conveying why they should care or pay close attention

Which means they don’t ‘get’ your value and why you are worth it

Are you in love with your marketing strategy and showing up consistently

And this means you are not making a huge impact and not a lot of money

But there is a cure for this business building distress


This is going to get you out of overwhelm and into ACTION.


What to expect...

Untangle the marketing mayhem – so you can stop constantly changing ideas and start creating marketing that sticks.

  Find the missing links in your message & marketing that are stopping the sales and fix them fast.

  Uncover the hidden magic in your unique factors and show you how to position it in the right way for your people.

  Find the “Advantage Point” that your expertise & brand can occupy so you aren’t competing for attention

  Understand ways to create a magnetic presence online and offline that will bring clients to you and keep them coming back.

  Cut through the clutter and weave together your great skills and strengths into and offer that will sell like hotcakes

  Select the best ways to expose your expertise, promote your business and spread your message

Step into a new, elevated mentality around money

Learn how to sell with clarity and ease


It’s about success on your terms.

My approach is not like those you’ve seen before.

I’ve got a instinct for pinpointing your genius and turning it into your personal business advantage.

This Yes Factor Advantage is a 100% personalized, no B.S., serious marketing overhaul for female business owners who know deep down they are dam good at what they do. You're not in need of  another magic system, template quick fix or fluff filled course.  You know deep down inside: once you have a clear message + marketing strategy the sky is the limit for epic shit to happen for your clients and you.

Listen, I know what it’s like.  I had to start my first business at  24 and had absolutely no business experience. I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew one thing for sure:

I had to learn this stuff  for two reasons: to not have a sinking ship (my household) and to teach it to you.

I’ve learned a lot of the years. I have learned how to work through the fears, self-doubt, money stories and simply get over the idea that I was bother people.

Now I'm on a mission to teach you. There's so much we are still left to do. I have to share the wealth of knowledge and experience I now have.You don’t have to figure it out on your own anymore.


I specialize in working with people who know are more powerful and I am here to help you achieve success.