The entrepreneurs and companies who are shining as indusrty leaders all have: THE YES FACTOR

YES, you are REALLY GOOD at what you do as a woman in business or professional. Like most newbies and some seasoned entrepreneurs you have drive, ideas but lack the primal business building foundation to grow a business that can create the freedom + the money you desire. Bottom line, you know your stuff! I would guess that you’re probably unmatched next to your peers and you've created a lot of money for others, but when it comes to creating the same results for YOURSELF, it's hit or miss. Is this your the real issue, you don’t have the essential business foundation + marketing skills and strategies to create the business and life you want?

Sounds familiar...

  • You want marketing and sales strategies that leverage your strengths and passions (not a cookie cutter "me too")
  • You are all over the place with your marketing?
  • You have trouble asking for money?
  • You are speaking with prospects, but not enough closed sales?


  • You allow fear to stop you?
  • You lack a focused target market?
  • You struggle when someone asks you, "what do you do?"
  • You hate sounding needy or pushy, or salesy?
  • You talk yourself out of things more than you want to account for?
  • You hold on to passed along money stories and childhod experiences that aren’t serving for you?

You Often Ask..."WHO AM I TO...[Fill in that word or thing that you ARE here]"

What's at stake of you do nothing?

Here's what I know for sure, building a business requires grit.  No matter what stage of business you are in or what you sell when you map out a clear plan to market your expertise in a certain way, move past your fears as fast as you canreprogram the way you think earning money, and embrace the art of receiving.  Once I learned these strategies and  skills  my brand and business catapulted, I landed major clients like ADOBE, CARGILL, U.S.GOVERNMENT, and  Fortune companies.

No longer did it feel grueling to pick up the phone and ask for the money.

Today, I coach smart driven women (a few men) on their money mindset + business building skills &  strategies that have changed their lives, their families' lives, their client's lives and their communities. (Many of my clients lives have changed in areas they didn't imagine: increased confidence, consistent revenue, and landed major clients the dreamed of after working with me.) How, because I have experienced a lot of the same struggles in my life and business, so I know how to help move entrepreneurs forward. If you are ready to stop doing everything alone, create a real plan to monetize your gifts that will make room to create and grow a 6 figure (and beyond) business with confidence then let's do it together.

You are NOT alone. Let me show you how.

Kay Richardson


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SAY YES...To SKYROCKET Your Profits!

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